ZINGA is a one-component metallic coating system containing a minimum of  96% zinc in a dry film/layer. It provides steel with very good cathodic and barrier protection. This makes ZINGA an excellent alternative to the hot-dip galvanizing process (it has protective properties comparable to hot-dip galvanizing).

ZINGA is easy to use. Can be applied by/with a brush, roller or a conventional air spray-gun as well as airless  and electrostatic spray-guns . It has a short drying time (10-20 minutes by touch, at 20ºC), can be applied in a wide variety of weather conditions (from -15ºC to + 40ºC) and has an unlimited shelf life/storage time in its original packaging.

  • a stand-alone system (2 × 60 µm DFT provides corrosion protection in C5 Very High and CX High environments, in accordance with ISO 12944: 2018)
  • as a primer with suitable liquid topcoats
  • as a primer with powder paint topcoats
  • as a shop primer/temporary protection primer (approx. 30 µm DFT)
  • a repair system for worn or damaged hot-dip galvanized structures or those protected by [hot metal spray] ????

Learn more about the Zinga brand by going to the company’s official website.