Powder paints, due to the excellent properties of powder coatings, lack of solvents, low application costs and high recovery possibilities, are among the best solutions in the field of modern and environmentally friendly surface coating.

At FreiLacke, the powder paint production process is carried out with very high quality requirements. All production orders are controlled, taking into account quantity, by the production planning system (PPS). The raw materials are accurately weighed according to established recipes (solid resin, hardener, pigments, improving additives, etc.), mixed and dispersed in an extruder at a temperature of up to 130 ° C.

The hot, extruded product is cooled in the first phase of the process, then comminuted into “chips”, followed by grinding and fractionation. After the production cycle, paints are packed in 25 kg cartons or big boxes (400 kg).

The optimized technological process allows for short-term customer service, both for large and small orders. The most important for us is the reliability of deliveries, tailoring products to individual requirements, and flexibility. For this reason, our experienced technical and technological advisers will take care of the optimal implementation of the powder paints offered by FreiLacke on the production lines in your companies.


Having to bake large, heavy components twice consumes a lot of time and energy due to the long baking times in the oven. A powder-in-powder system, which requires only a single baking process for the primer and top coat, therefore lowers energy costs and significantly reduces process times.

FreiLacke has developed a powder-in-powder system that, used in combination with the Tribo lance, also allows the reliable coating of very complex components.
For example, the construction and agricultural sectors feature very large and heavy components with complex shapes. Thanks to the benefits of the powder-in-powder technology, the utilisation in these areas is particularly interesting.


In FarCo’s range you will find a wide range of Tikkurila, Malchem ​​and FreiLacke anti-corrosive paints. These are solutions that are successfully used in many industries and industrial sectors.

Industrial paints Tikkurila, Malchem ​​or FreiLacke are based on the latest technology, and are safe for your health and the environment. The high quality of the products offered guarantees that they will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Industrial paints are designed to protect metal, wooden and concrete surfaces. They are perfect as anti-corrosion protection for, among others containers, agricultural machinery, steel construction, and tanks or pools.

We invite you to contact our Branches, where industry specialists will advise you on what solutions to apply in a particular case.


RIMCO is a professional multi-layer system designed for the renovation of aluminum wheels. It includes specialized powder primers, giving the right color to painted details with liquid base coats/paints, powder and liquid clear coats and functional products such as KSL anti-corrosive varnish.

The RIMCO brand has been available in FarCo’s range since December 2019. Its creation has enabled further development of the company and the launching of new products dedicated to the aluminum wheels refurbishing/renovation industry. A novelty is the introduction to the range of primers for vertical painting and paints with reduced curing/crosslinking temperature (160 ° C / 10 min.), as well as about two hundred original base colors, several transparent bases and colorless liquid varnishes with different gloss levels.


ZINGA is a one-component metallic coating system containing a minimum of  96% zinc in a dry film/layer. It provides steel with very good cathodic and barrier protection. This makes ZINGA an excellent alternative to the hot-dip galvanizing process (it has protective properties comparable to hot-dip galvanizing).

ZINGA is easy to use. Can be applied by/with a brush, roller or a conventional air spray-gun as well as airless  and electrostatic spray-guns . It has a short drying time (10-20 minutes by touch, at 20ºC), can be applied in a wide variety of weather conditions (from -15ºC to + 40ºC) and has an unlimited shelf life/storage time in its original packaging.


Wood is extremely elegant and practical, but also a very demanding material. Therefore, products for wood protection must be extremely resistant to mechanical loads and the effects of weather conditions.

We offer a wide range of wood care and protection products. These are solutions for internal and external use that allow you to preserve its beauty for years.

To ensure durable protection of wooden surfaces, please note that these special products are dedicated to each type of surface. We invite you to contact our branch offices, where you will receive professional advice regarding the selection of the right product and our commercial offer.


To meet the strict quality requirements of domestic railways and train manufacturers, only certified top-quality coating systems should be used.

FarCo Sp. Z o.o. offers a variety of certified solutions in the field of system coatings, powder coatings, liquid coatings and composites for interior and exterior. All solutions come from one source, are perfectly matched to each other, which ensures repeatable work results and the highest quality.

Our powder coatings meet the standard of the German railway standard (DBS) 918 340, and our liquid coatings meet the quality standard of DBS 918 300. Offered products meet all test and certifications, including fire resistance according to European standard EN 45545-2.