Having to bake large, heavy components twice consumes a lot of time and energy due to the long baking times in the oven. A powder-in-powder system, which requires only a single baking process for the primer and top coat, therefore lowers energy costs and significantly reduces process times.
FreiLacke has developed a powder-in-powder system that, used in combination with the Tribo lance, also allows the reliable coating of very complex components.
For example, the construction and agricultural sectors feature very large and heavy components with complex shapes. Thanks to the benefits of the powder-in-powder technology, the utilisation in these areas is particularly interesting.

Powder-in-powder technology off ers numerous advantages. The absence of baking and cooling processes reduces energy consumption and production times, which consequently increases productivity.
In addition, the technique incurs lower investment and maintenance costs thanks to the absence of convey or systems, ovens and cooling zones, meaning that less production space is needed.
The powder-in-powder procedure also provides a higher level of corrosion protection in comparison to single-coat powder coating. Currently the technology is primarily applied in the coating of heavy construction and agricultural machinery. This is where productivity increases and energy savings through the elimination of baking and cooling processes are the highest.
• Productivity increase of up to 50% – Reduced coating process
• Energy savings – Elimination of the baking process
• High level of corrosion protection – In particular at the edges compared to a singlelayer polyester powder coating
• High weather resistance – Use of a super durable polyester top coat
• Reduced investment and maintenance costs – One fewer oven needed – One fewer cooling zone needed – Conveyor technology savings – Less space needed

A Tribo lance makes the highly effi cient and ergonomic coating of large workpieces possible without the use of expensive lifting platforms.
The new Tribo lance allows for the efficient powder-in-powder coating of large components with complex shapes as well as the application of higher layer thicknesses in order to meet the requirements of heavy-duty corrosion protection.
Advantages of the Tribo lance compared to the conventional Tribo gun
• Much larger charge potential even when using less air > „soft cloud“
• Greater coverage performance due to increased exit volumes of charged powder
• Lance is telescopic
• Compact designand nozzle head angle adjustment capability