Galvanic protection

Galvanic protection simple as painting

      ZINGA is a cold galvanizing system. A one-component, ready-to-use preparation that contains 96% micronized zinc, 99.995% pure, in a dry coating and in a hydrocarbon resin. It combines the characteristics of galvanic zinc coatings with the properties of industrial paints. Provides active (galvanic, cathodic) and barrier protection (zinc oxides and electrochemical bonds) for ferrous metals.

The Zinga system is an alternative to hot-dip galvanizing or hot-dip zinc plating – it has comparable protective properties.


Product groups

Zinga can appear as a stand-alone system (in C5 and CX environments, according to ISO 12944: 2018) or in the duplex system – with liquid and powder topcoats.

It is an excellent complementary or repair system for hot dip galvanizing, hot zinc spray metallization and previous Zing coatings. It also works as a protection system for anchors, reinforcing bars and other steel in concrete and hydrotechnical constructions.

The ZINGA product group includes:

  • ZINGALU – a combination of zinc dust (90% in a dry coating) and aluminum flakes (4% in a dry coating) in a mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons. An excellent, visually matched product for making touch-up on galvanized coatings.
  • ZINGASOLV – a specialized thinner, designed for Zinga and Zingal products
  • ZINGATARFREE – a specialized polyurethane paint with excellent water and corrosion resistance (thanks to the MIO content). Dedicated to two-layer systems with ZINGA preparation, working under the influence (Im2) or buried in the ground (Im3).
  • AQUAZINGA – a two-component, water-borne coating based on inorganic zinc silicates. Contains about 92% zinc in a dry layer. Designed primarily for operation at high temperatures (550ºC, temporary load up to 600ºC).

Learn more about the Zinga brand by going to the company’s official website.