RIMCO is a professional multi-layer system designed for the renovation of aluminum wheels. It includes specialized powder primers, giving the right color to painted details with liquid base coats/paints, powder and liquid clear coats and functional products such as KSL anti-corrosive varnish.

The RIMCO brand has been available in FarCo’s range since December 2019. Its creation has enabled further development of the company and the launching of new products dedicated to the aluminum wheels refurbishing/renovation industry. A novelty is the introduction to the range of primers for vertical painting and paints with reduced curing/crosslinking temperature (160 ° C / 10 min.), as well as about two hundred original base colors, several transparent bases and colorless liquid varnishes with different gloss levels.

All RIMCO paints are manufactured by Freilacke, a world leader in the production of paint coatings for aluminum wheels.

We encourage you to contact the technical and sales advisors in your regions or the office in Toruń in order to obtain detailed information and our commercial offer.

Learn more about the Rimco brand by visiting the official Rimco website.