Industrial paints


     Tikkurila offers its customers a wide range of industrial paints, including corrosion protection systems for industry, steel structures, floor products and wood products. Tikkurila is a modern coloring system available in nine FarCo branches throughout Poland. Thanks to the Temaspeed coloring system, after choosing the right paint and system, you will receive the selected RAL, NCS and other colors in a few minutes. As part of cooperation between Tikkurila and FarCo, it offers customers support in production plants as well as control and inspection services.


Alkyd paints

TEMAPRIME – Anticorrosive alkyd primers.
Alkyd systems are characterized by good weather resistance, quick drying, do not chalk, contain active sacrificial anti-corrosion pigments, based on zinc dust and zinc phosphate.


TEMALAC – Alkyd topcoats (AK)
Very good weather resistance. Quick-drying systems very easy to apply, have good flow and gloss.


Epoxy paints

TEMACOAT – Epoxy primers and intermediate layers. (EP)

Hard, abrasion and chemical resistant, anti-corrosive and protective paints.

Recommended for environments with the highest corrosivity categories. They can also be used on concrete floors. They have very good adhesion and chemical resistance. Resistance list available on request.

TEMACOAT – Primerless coats, thick coatings and epoxy topcoats. (EP)

Hard, abrasion and chemical resistant, very good adhesion, high chemical resistance. They have special additives against powdering. They are characterized by very good adhesion to many materials. In addition to protective and anti-corrosive applications on metals (steel, aluminum, galvanized steel), also used on concrete e.g. floors, floors in car washes, slaughterhouses and slaughterhouses.

Polyurethane paints

TEMADUR & TEMATHANE – Farby poliuretanowe. (PUR)

Polyurethane paints are very durable coatings, coming in various gloss levels and with very good color fastness. These products can be applied as a single-layer protection directly on properly prepared steel, aluminum or galvanized elements. Polyurethane systems guarantee adhesion to the substrate, and resistance to abrasion, chemical aggression and UV radiation.



TEMALINE – Epoxy special and tank coatings. (EP)

Professional tank paints, resistant to abrasion, chemical aggression. Excellent corrosion protection for tanks for petroleum products, fuels, drinking water, fruit juices and musts, wines, beers etc.

TEMAFLOOR – Floor paints and coatings

Special epoxy products for use on industrial floors and floors, e.g. in production plants, laboratories, laundries, slaughterhouses, etc. Hard, resistant to abrasion and chemical agents. The offer also includes epoxy concrete, self-leveling floors, etc. The products are available in many colors.

All Tikkurila products are available in the selected color from the RAL palette, NCS and many others. Trops is equipped with a paint mixer, so that each color is available to individual customer orders.